Adapted Transport

Taxi Amic, S.L. has a long career dedicated just to transport handicapped persons all over the Barcelona’s metropolitan area.

Our company has specialized, creating a team of people working on this service and that is a growing mode.
Thanks to this, we offer more flexibility and responsiveness to difficult travel able to schedule in advance. In addition, our fleet is more suitable and comfortable for driving in urban suburbs of Barcelona.

In an integration effort with this service, we have acquired four licenses in property for only adapted transport.


Taxi Amic S.L. works exclusively adapted service. It is not a conventional company taxis. It does not non adapted taxi services.

The first taxi versatile circulated by the city of Barcelona in 1991. Facing the Olympic and Paralympic Games 1992 taxis acquired other adapted vehicles, arriving at seven units in 1993.

The idea of forming an exclusive station adapted taxi services was found in 1996, after assessing the possibility of joining exclusively for the provision of such services. Three years later, with a greater number of adapted vehicles in circulation and the willingness of more people to be added to the project, born Taxi Amic. At that time the number of vehicles in service was 19.

Today has been transformed into a limited company.

In all this time Taxi Amic has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the social reality of their environment and the desire to provide quality public transport, creating a mobility area suited to Barcelona has been a pioneer in Europe.

Do you need an adapted taxi?